Teleporter Session Failed / GUI Size Glitch

When scrolling through plugins, the GUI won’t show up of the plugin. Gives an error where the plugin would be. Only way to fix that I have found was to reboot the whole system.

Also, if you change the GUI Size in each of the units, the plugins that are vertical (SSL Comp, PSE, etc.) will zoom in without the ability to scroll back out or change the setting back. Seems to only happen on the vertical style plugins.

Hey BoyRoadie,

Thanks for getting in touch, Regarding the ‘Teleporter Session Failed’ could you send the log files, steps to reproduce this and plugins in use to It would be greatly appreciated and we can investigate further. Could you also confirm if ‘restart chain’ rectifies it? We will look into this as a matter of urgency. Contacting Support is the best platform for bugs.

Noted on the resize problem with Waves, it is plugin specific, we have found a bug that occurs on some of their plugins but not at all. Whilst we fix this issue, if you add another Waves plugin to that same chain and select ‘Apply as Default to All’, it will resize that plugin back.

Many thanks,