V1.1 software release

Evening all. We’re happy to announce v1.1 of the transform.engine software, which includes a number of bugfixes and other general happiness improvements. Check out the release notes and download the new version here:

We strongly recommend all users upgrade to this release at this time.

Once you have installed the upgraded transform.client software, you will be prompted to upgrade the transform.engine software upon connection.

We’re continuing to work on v1.2 of the transform.engine software which will deliver support for cue store & recall (snapshots) later this summer. In the meantime, we’re very excited to hear any feedback you may have.



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Hey everybody! So I updated to 1.1 and the user interface / transform.client reacts very delayed to my actions / commands. Is that problem already known? What can i do?


Hey Christian,

Thanks again for flagging this, sorry you’ve been having difficulties, as discussed over email, I believe you’re back up and running now.

As mentioned, we have unfortunately discovered a performance regression in transform.client v1.1.0, which seems to occur in large showfiles containing lots of chains, if you experience this issue please contact support@fourieraudio.com. We aim to resolve this in an imminent patch release.



We’ve just released a new version of transform.client to address this performance issue, v1.1.1. You can download it from the docs site.