View presets and viewing multiple plugins

Something that would bring this product closer to how I use physical outboard gear would be the ability to look at multiple plugins at once - I can do this in live professor with view presets so I can look for example at my master bus comp, a vocal dynamic EQ and maybe a tuning plugin etc - this is a huge deal for me and very hopeful to have this implemented soon!

Hey Chris, for now, you can run multiple instances of transform.client (copy and paste the application), then you can view multiple plugins at the same time.

We will also look to add this into one application in the future as well.

And a FYI, the transform.engine is true multi client, hence you could have multiple computers, on wired or Wifi connections, making edits to different plugins at the same time!



I wonder if it’s possible to open smaller external floating windows for just the plugins - have been running 3 instances of the client software and it’s very clunky. Maybe right clicking on the plugin gives an option to open floating overview?

On this similar subject - how plausible is higher resolution rendering of plugins in the future - I just opened pro tools and had forgot how high resolution most of the plugins I’ve been using on Fourier actually are haha