Whole plugin graphic jumps when going over a dropdownlist in the plugin userinterface

When selecting a preset on (waves) plugins where the preset list has entries that open up another sub-list the whole “plugin UI jumps”. (waves) plugins with preset lists where a line opens another list are very difficult to select, because the mouse stays in the same place, but that’s another place for the plugin when “the screen readjusts”

It looks like the plugin including dropdownlists is remapped to the plugin space on the transform UI.
This leads to the mouse being on another point over the droppdownlist of the plugin, quite a challenge to select a certain preset:)

i have a movie where you see the list jumping while the mouse goes over it, but maybe the picture are clear enough.

regards Rob

Cam relate to this. Same here. Best, Chris

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Thanks both for flagging this - we are aware of this issue and are tracking it with reference TF-1769.

We hope to resolve this in a coming release - I’m afraid I don’t have an ETA yet but keep an eye out on release notes.